QSW Application Status June 2014


June 4, 2014

Dear Applicant,

For past few months we have been very busy in various immigration activities and I could not write to you on what is happening with your application under Quebec Skilled Worker.

I thank you all for the trust and confidence shown on Universal Immigration and our trusted partners around the world. It means a lot for us.

I am very well aware that all, who have applied for immigrating to Canada under Quebec Skilled Worker Program, are waiting eagerly for some kind of news from the MICC (Quebec Immigration Department) on the status of the application. Let me tell you that MICC is overwhelmed with the QSW applications and never voluntarily write to us regarding status of the applications. They do not have time for this. This does not mean that your application is not being attended to. Since there are no other friendly immigration program in Canada, thousands of people are applying under QSW. Universal Immigration has been pioneers in introducing the QSW program on a grand scale and on a national level in India and Philippines. At Universal Immigration, we have submitted thousands of applications under QSW.

It is important for you to understand that MICC has many internal priorities and requirements on the manner in which they process the applications from various regions of the world. In order to balance the demographic ethnicity in Quebec, the MICC tune the influx of people. This is a crucial policy of immigration.

I know that you fall under one of the following categories :

1.      Your application is submitted to MICC by us before 31st July, 2013,  OR

2.      Your application is submitted to MICC after 1st August, 2013


1.      If you fall under the category where your application is submitted before 31st July 2013 – Then your application will come to review soon. Also, if your application was done under Priority category like Nursing etc. then chances are that it is currently being processed by different hierarchy in MICC. If it is non-priority, then you may be required to wait for more time, which will depend on current and future labour shortages in Quebec.


Under the new administrative changes made by MICC, they have modified the way in which they process the applications.

-        All the applicants, whose application is being processed, will receive a message from MICC to resubmit some of the documents which you already may have submitted in the initial stage. The reason for this is that, due to the changes made in processing, the MICC now have become very strict on documentation. Even if we have submitted all the documents as per their earlier checklist, they still are asking for updated documents, particularly the proof of work.

We have started receiving, on daily basis, the request from MICC for these updated documents. We are given only 90 days to submit these updated documents in the exact format that MICC requires. If these documents are not submitted on time and as per their requirement, then MICC is rejecting the application.

If you are one of those who have received the request for updated documents, please take it very seriously and try to adhere to the formats and the timeline. Your coordinator and your local agent will assist you in every way possible.

Those who have not yet received the intimation to submit updated documents, should wait for their turn. Do not panic or do not start writing emails to us for the status. Your turn will surely come. Please remember that there is no set pattern in which the MICC is responding to client. They do not follow the First-Come-First-Serve system.

Once the updated documents are received by MICC, and if they are satisfied, they are either giving the Selection Certificate right away, or they are putting the name under Waitlist for Interview. WE are having a good experience of getting the Selection Certificate without interview, but it is not assured that the interview will be waived for all the cases.

-        For those, who have not yet received the request for updated documents, my request is please be patient and wait for the communication from MICC. There is no point in asking me or the MICC for any updates as they do not have any news for you.

In case the MICC has put you on the interview waitlist, the dates are not yet announced. Currently the MICC is concentrating more on Northern Africa and some parts of Middle-East for the interview. The current interview schedule was only till June 2014. We are awaiting the new schedule of interviews from MICC for the period starting July 2014 and also for the last quarter of 2014. Hopefully, it will be announced in the last week of June 2014. PLEASE DO NOT write to us for the interview dates, as we may not have any information at this stage.

2.      If your application is submitted after August 1, 2013, do not expect any progress to happen in 2014. You still have time before any decision is taken on the processing of your application. However, you will get the file number within 5-7 months from the date of submission. IF you do not receive the file number within 7 months from the date of submission, please contact your coordinator and they will take necessary steps with me to inquire with the MICC on your behalf.


Please note that MICC has not defined any time line for the completion of any application. You all have to patiently wait for your turn. At the same time, please keep working on your French as it has very crucial impact on the decision of your application.

Also keep visiting our website at www.universalimmigration.com for any updates.

It is my personal request to all of you to fight the frustration in case your application is getting delayed. We all have to understand that time is not in our control. We have done our best to make your application a success. We have worked hard and I am sure the results will be great.

Remember that you have taken a bold step to immigrate to Canada. Not everyone will get this opportunity. You did it right, you have grabbed it and now you only have to wait. Our support will always be there with you and we shall promptly keep you updated on any progress that happens in your application.

Once again thank you all.

Also, I request that QSW is a very friendly immigration program and is still accepting applications. If you have any friend or relatives wanting to apply to Immigrate to Canada, please ask them to do so as soon as possible. The existing rule will soon end.

My request to you all is not to reply to this email, this is only for your information.

God Bless you.

Yours Sincerely,

Ravi Iyer

President and Chief Consultant

Universal Immigration